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Cool Fonts: Download Free Fonts in Creative, Unique Styles

Hey there! Check out Cool Fonts: a collection of the most creative fonts where you can browse and download tons of fonts with unique, cool styles. All our fonts are free to download and are created by the most talented artists worldwide. If you’re interested in having us showcase your fonts please get in touch.

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Download Free Fonts from Cool Fonts

We offer you hundreds of cool fonts with unique, creative styles for free. These fonts are created by various professional designers and ready to use for any kind of design work from websites and documents to t-shirts and graphics. You can browse our entire font collection and download as many as you like. We are mainly focusing on cool, interesting font styles and print ready fonts. While we offer other language fonts as well, you will see mostly English fonts. If the font supports other languages it will say this in the description.

We have few categories where each font is categorized according to it’s font style. Some popular font styles are Script, Sans Serif, Serif, Brush, and Fancy. Check the menu at the top or use the search bar to find more options.

Commercial Licensing

Please note: each font comes with a different license. if you are looking to use a certain font for a commercial project, you might need to obtain proper license / permit beforehand. Unless it comes with a ‘creative common’ or ‘commercial use free’ license. You can see licensing information on each font page.